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Montale Parfums, created by Pierre Montale in 2003, was among the first to bring the mysterious and sensual Arabic oud notes to the West.

Surged to an icon in recent years, Montale Intense Café is a mix of freshly roasted coffee and vanilla aroma, white moss and amber notes that wrap and seduce.

The indisputable feature of Montale perfumes is the marked persistence of the fragrance and the research and love for oriental perfumes.

The simplicity of the packaging, aluminum or gold bottles, goes hand in hand with the sensuality and the search for the Arab atmosphere, a mix of incense and aromas.

The variety of Montale fragrances, which marries the East with the West, affects the sense of smell with aromas of fine raw materials, woods, ambres and collections dedicated to Aoud such as Oudmazing, Oud tobacco, Oudrising.