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Sherwood Edp 75ml

Ferns sway at the touch of an unseen presence. The edge of the underbrush pulses, inviting lovers of stories, tales of moons, feathers and good Samaritans, to the shelter of a centuries-old forest.

Sherwood, a botanical palace where every root hides a tender bud and every variety of tree surprises with its smooth, sweet skin-like bark.
Birds do not let him out of their sight, peeking and watching over Robin.
The trees exchange secrets with the scent of pink pepper and carrot seed oil.
Only the cedar knows them.

Where is the coveted treasure hidden?

Suddenly, an arrow flies into the middle of a path marked by black currant buds, grazes the birch and leaves a pervasive trail of sandalwood oil that slips through the leaves, hugs the trunks, takes advantage of every flicker to make its presence known. Sherwood points the way, opens its path to a fragrance generously discreet, gloriously alive as the forest host.

Olfactory Notes:

Carrot Seed, Black Currant, Pink Pepper,

Orange Blossom, Damask Rose, Spices,

Sandalwood, Oak, Cashmeran

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