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Imperial Poudré by Jehanne Rigaud Parfum 

Between the seventeenth and eighteenth century, there was a change in the values ​​and aesthetic canons that had distinguished the previous eras.

The Baroque era distorts the angelized woman and molds it into a completely different creature: busty, sensual and mischievous.

The rococo woman was delicate, gracious and flirtatious.

The women wore corsets and bustier to enhance the silhouette and the use of perfumes and talcum was widespread. Dresses and jewels completed the extremely luxurious look of the élite of the time. In the eighteenth century, more than in other periods, the sumptuousness experienced its maximum triumph. The ladies began to use perfumes as children, and powdered their face, décolleté, arms and hands.

Compared to the past the trick was anything but natural and sober, the hand was treading, especially with powder. This fine white powder gave the alabaster complexion to the ladies to give the much sought-after "porcelain skin" effect, synonymous of true beauty.

Without a doubt, the scent of the powder was the fragrance that spread the most in the halls of the palaces and noble palaces. The note mellowed by the almond scent attracted the attention, the refined perfume of this precious powder left a trail of vanilla and heliotrope synonymous of great elegance.

Imperial Poudré by Jehanne Rigaud is a captivating fragrance where the powdery note of iris joins the sweet and soft notes of vanilla Bourbon and heliotrope. The trail, persistent and refined, full of floral notes leaves an inebriating poudré smell in the air.

Olfactory Notes

Top notes: ylang ylang, iris, Bourbon vanilla

Heart notes: almond, powdery and floral notes

Base notes: musk, heliotrope, jasmine, rose


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