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Pierre Guillaume collection numéraire Jasmagonda N. 23.1 edp 100 ml.

A jasmine wood…seen from the sky.

For fall, Pierre Guillaume presents Jasmagonda: the story of a verdant, variegated India seen from the sky, through a silky, powdery woody floral elixir blending Indian jasmine, Himalayan cedar wood and Tonka bean.

“With Jasmagonda, I wanted to change my point of view… and of olfaction. Flying over the canopy like a bird, brushing over nature to capture its essence.”

Pierre Guillaume continues to explore notes evoking nature and greenery. After a stroll through a sun-dappled forest (KOMOREBI 9.1), he invites us to change our point of view, fly off and enjoy an olfactory view of theses landscapes, seen from the sky.

The perfumer has imagine his fragrance as a delicate breeze of warm air, carrying vegetal notes as it rises from the canopy.

For this rework of jasmine, the 23rd theme of the collection inaugurated in 2007 with Drama Nuuï, he has composed a jasmine wood with green, airy top notes, springing from a powdery bed of Tonka bean and vanilla.


Jasmagonda is built like a draft of warm, caressing air drawing upwards the vegetal effluvia wafting from the canopy of a cedar forest in the Himalaya, then blowing over jasmine plantations and seaside jungles, all the way to the beaches of Agonda. Green, silky top notes blending bergamot, grapefruit and apple come alive in a delicate, caressing vegetal breeze. The light, luminous heart opens with an aquatic note and magnolia blossom, introducing the main accord of Indian jasmine and Himalayan cedar wood. In the drydown, the woody accord deepens with vetiver, wrapped in powdery vanilla and Tonka bean, for a longer-lasting sillage.


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