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The House of Oud collez. Thoo Live in Colours edp 75 ml.


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The house of oud coll THoO live in colours edp 75 ml

LIVE IN COLOURS is that moment when the present takes the plunge into the future. It is a clear bridge across time, where creativity breaks down the inner barriers that were incapable of giving it a shape or a sound, and explodes free and joyful, using the voice of colours to tell its story. 
Like a brush on a canvas, this perfume permeates the skin. In LIVE IN COLOURS, nuances are illuminated, play with the light and reflect states of the soul. As weightless as the air, they chase after the forms of nature, embracing energies and becoming ideas free of all judgement. These colours set all their verve free, unselfconscious and, ultimately, oblivious to the fact that they are masterpieces. 
LIVE IN COLOURS is the joy of creative freedom. Of thought. Of emotion. Of being.
Full of fun, explosive and contagious: this fragrance opens with a declaration of intent from Lemon, Grapefruit and Red Fruits that play and chase each other until they reach the heart. Here, the stimulating sensations of Ginger and Pink Pepper tease your sense of smell and invite your emotions to float to the surface. The finale is worth remembering: notes of amber and musk set the scene for Hinoki, the surprising Japanese wood whose aroma is dry, fresh and sometimes mystical, chosen here to represent a miracle: the moment when a creative verve first sees the light of day.


Lemon, Grapefruit, Red Fruits


Ginger, Pink Pepper


Accord of Musks, Hinoki and Amber


Sparkling wood

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