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The most refined culture of perfume meets the most sublime elegance of shapes in eight fragrances 100% Made in Italy.

MORESQUE PARFUM is the meeting point between Eastern charm and Western class. Born to dress the ancient Middle Eastern perfume tradition with the timeless excellence of Italian style, MORESQUE PARFUM is a harmonious synthesis between form and content, between aesthetics and essence. In every fragrance by MORESQUE PARFUM, much more than an olfactory sensation: an exclusive journey that starts from the architecture and suggestions of two continents to arrive at the perfect balance between design, class and prestige.

The result is enclosed in eight exclusive Eau de Parfum, the result of the search for the finest raw materials, and divided into three Collections: Black, White and Art.

Each MORESQUE PARFUM product is a 100% Made in Italy masterpiece that amazes for its visual and olfactory refinement.