Etro patchouly Edp 100ml  |  Mariabruna




Patchouly recalls a scent that for centuries adorned the dreams of explorers sailing routes from Europe to China, Southern India, Thailand, Madagascar, and Indonesia – visiting lands then where this plant, with its extraordinary, balance-restoring properties, is still cultivated today. However, unlike the jus created in 1989 in the Maison’s first historic capsule of fragrances, the latest eau de parfum has an accent that is warmer, less dry. After a start that evokes the vigour of woods and citrus, this accent becomes rounder, acquiring within the web of scents a consistency of velvet; sandalwood, which enhances patchouli’s white luminosity and is grafted onto the sweet notes of Tolu balsam, labdanum, amber and tonka bean and the black seed that is a bringer of good luck, finishing in a wake of vanilla. Whenever the bottle is opened – a bottle whose classic Paisley motif is just visible beneath the symphony of iridescent reds and greens – it remains in the air and on the skin like a trace of rainbow: a magical reflection in a pond on a day of happiness.